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Welcome to my New “Church” craft room!

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Hey Everyone! It's been a few moons since I last blogged- so much has happened- and I couldn't be happier with my latest manifestation- my new Church room!

So a few weeks ago, we moved into our new home and we are still swimming in boxes, you know how it is, but I wouldn't change it for anything! I have a Church Room! And It's mine! My own personal space to craft, create, connect to my inner creator and just play! I couldn't be more grateful!

Yes, it's a mess right now, not even half of the boxes are in there yet, they're still in the workshop, but oh! the plans I have for this room... I'm giddy, excited and thrilled to have this space.

I manifested this space. I created it with my thoughts and daydreams and here it is - living proof of what thoughts can become.

I'm planning to do a series on this soon, so make sure you're following to get first scoop!

Now that I'm back in BLOG mode, I'll be sharing the journey of transforming this perfect space into a craft room to fall in Love with. Make sure you follow my social platforms - see you there!

Till then, have an AMAZING Day and keep connecting to your creative power!

- Belynda

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