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Welcome to PUREBERRI

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Welcome to the Good Morning Life

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I’m your host Belynda Farias. Today is Thursday April 15, 2021. (day 105)

Today is #NationalhighfiveDay

Tomorrow is #NationalCheeseballDay

Welcome to PUREBERRI!

Happy Friday Friends!

I've been working very hard to get this brand ready for it's debut!

Welcome to PUREBERRI, Artisan Ice Cream and Art!

What is PUREBERRI? It is my newest Business model offering delicious homemade small batch, Artisan Ice cream available on waffles, cookies, mini cakes, and more! While you're enjoying your yummy ice cream, you can paint some art! We offer a wide variety of ceramic, ready to paint items to being your artistic talents to play.

What does PUREBERRI offer?

PUREBERRI offers a unique array of Artisan made ice creams, made fresh daily in small batches to assure fresh flavors. We also offer sweet delectable homemade cookies, mini cakes, sweet waffles and more. We offer a unique selection of handcrafted bisque/ceramic ready to glaze art pieces and raw clay to go. Once your art is finished, we will happily top glaze and kiln fire your art piece.

We have local home delivery packages and we can ship anywhere in the US.

You can also subscribe to our Monthly Artisan subscription box offering a pint of the delicious flavor of the month, PLUS the ceramic art piece of the month, delivered right to your front door.

Why Ice Cream and Art?

Well, I love Ice Cream and I love Art! What a beautiful combination that really allows for maximum creativity! Creating homemade ice cream recipes that remind me of my childhood, my favorite memories, my best friends, my travels, my family and so much more is a direct connection to my creative source, plus I absolutely love Ice Cream! (Who doesn't right?)

How is this a better business model?

For almost 20 years, I have had different businesses that expressed Art in various forms, however I never dove into the food industry until now. This is a new and exciting adventure and there's so much I'm learning! and since I am a big believer in self expansion, this is a huge playground for self discovery creating opportunities for me to learn more about myself, therefore allowing me to give more of best self to my customers and to my business! It's the perfect setting and I couldn't be more excited!

Was this idea born out of Inspiration from the Pandemic?

oh yes! I've have been focused on my ceramics art studio (CLAYDAY STUDIOS) for the last few years and though we were directly affected by the pandemic, we kept going, quietly taking things in and planning for a better future.

Out of the quarantine, PUREBERRI was born! A genius idea and much better way to create ART and EAT delicious and deliciously made treats to complete your creative experience!

CLAYDAY STUDIOS art will continue to be available online at

When will PUREBERRI open?

It's coming soon! We are beginning the remodel stages and will be open until the end of April. We are planning to close our doors temporarily for the first couple weeks of May, with a soft opening around May 22 and the Big Grand Opening on Saturday June 26.

Where is PUREBERRI located?

PUREBERRI Artisan Ice Cream & Art is located at 2533 Merrychase Dr. #500, Cameron Park, CA 95682.

Friends, this is very, very exciting! I can't wait to share this wonderful business with you all!

Happy Friday! Have a Fabulous Weekend!!

Belynda Farias

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