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Wellness Wednesday- Fresh Pressed Carrot Ginger Juice Shots

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Ready for a Ginger Carrot Shot? Me too!

I recently purchased the Alcook Slow Masticating Juicer for my morning wellness shots.

If you don't have a slow masticating juicer, that's ok, I've been making my pressed juice shots by hand using my Ninja blender and cheesecloth to separate the fibers from the pure juice. It works! It just takes a bit more time.... I have a mini tutorial I made on Tiktok last year.

Watch today's YouTube video below and remember to Subscribe!

Ok, getting back to this juicer. .... I wanted a juicer that would create the fresh pressed juice I love without the fibers, and after doing research, I found the masticating juicers are the best!

I am reviewing the AICOOK Slow Juicer as well in this video,if you're in the market for a new juicer. Get your Juicer HERE

I want to encourage you to take my 7 day Juice Shot Cleanse with me! It's time to kick start my body back into good health again and you can join in too! Starting on Monday October 18 for 7 days

Today I'm making my favorite Ginger Carrot Lemon Juice Shots! You're going to love these! Yes, they're mighty and pack a punch, but you'll love the benefits from fresh, natural pressed juice!

You feel healthy, even if it's only one! It feels Great to drink something that's really good for you!

Ok Friends! Let’s do this!


2 carrots

1 4" piece of fresh ginger

1 lemon

Ensure items are washed thoroughly and cut into pieces that will fit into the juicer opening.

Insert into Juicer, and pour into your shot cup and enjoy!

Super Easy, Super Good for you, Super Day! Now let's focus on all the good coming your way! Whoohoo!

Happy Wednesday!


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