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It’s Time to write your Book! of the Fabulous & Happy You! Join me!

Happy Monday Friends!

After a very long break, and so, so much going on with the preparations for the new Ice Cream Cafe... I'm back!

This morning I was inspired to get back on here and share. There has been so much happening, so much good that I wanted to share and inspire you.

My initial thoughts this morning were....

When was the last time you appreciated YOU for what you are doing in these times?

When was the last time you appreciated what you have done for your children, your spouse, your family?

When was the last time you looked at yourself in the mirror and deeply loved who YOU are today?

When was the last time you felt gratitude for living the life you are living today?

(When Spirit inspires me like this I know it’s time for something fun and fabulous!

It’s the perfect time to get started, so let’s go!)

When was the last time You felt so dam proud of the You- you are today?

All of the bumps in the road that lead you to the amazing You- living now?

If it wasn't today, then it's been too long.

Too many times we are so hard on ourselves, thinking we are not enough.

Not enough, based on what? the opinions of others? unfortunately yes, we judge and self critique way too hard, then feel like failures because we didn't meet whatever criteria we think we need to live up to....

Friends, STOP THAT NOW! Let me tell you something spectacular... Not only are you Enough... YOU are more than Enough! You have to erase all of that old criteria and CREATE A NEW ONE! Your version! Your List of LOVES! Your list of APPRECIATION! Your list of the things you want to see in your LIFE! Your DREAMS!

YOU are the star of YOUR own Show! and YOU hold the key, the pen, the magic wand to do and create ANYTHING you desire! Really!!

How you ask? We'll I'm glad you asked..

How do you change things you want to see different?

Well, there is a little work that goes into it, but it's really simple...

  1. YOU HAVE TO KNOW WHAT YOU WANT, write a list...

  2. PUT YOUR NEW LIST TO WORK- Start focusing on the idea of having the things on that list

  3. PRACTICE- Practice focusing on the positive, create your happy thoughts.

  4. PLAY WITH YOUR NEW IDEAS- Be Playful and have fun with your new ideas

  5. PRACTICE some more- It's all about creating new thought patterns


  7. PLAY AND HAVE FUN WITH THE NEW YOU- It's a clean slate, just you and your list... what do you want to see?

Every time I get into these thoughts, I feel so giddy! I am so happy to share what Joy feels like and to help inspire others to get there...

I see a new book coming... Are you ready? Let's create this book together! One step, one page at a time, you’ll discover so much about You and the life you are meant to truly live!

I'll be back tomorrow Friends, for more focus on writing the book of the wonderful journey to the Fabulous & Happy YOU!

Have a Fabulous Monday! Much love 💕

Belynda Farias

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