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You Did It! Be Proud of yourself!

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I’m your host Belynda Farias. Today is Friday March 26, 2021. (day 85)

Today is #Nationalmakeupyourownholidayday

Tomorrow is #IntenationalScribbleday

Main Story-

You Did it! - Be Proud of yourself!

You did it! Congratulations!

Each day we achieve something. Even in the simplest of tasks, we can celebrate because, well, because we can.

Today is a day to celebrate! Not only because it is National Make up your own Holiday Day, but because we have another full day to work on whatever we want and feel accomplished on.

The simple fact that we woke up to another day is a big reason to celebrate! You did it! Be proud of your heart, your lungs, your limbs, your brain, your body! This beautiful vehicle moves you anywhere you desire! We must always thank our bodies for this.

We can celebrate healthy choices. Eating a healthy breakfast, going for a walk, stretching.... another great reason to celebrate!

Did you check something off that to do list? There's another reason to celebrate! Feel proud! You are doing awesome!

We must be our first Cheerleaders at all times! We don't need the approval from others, just personal satisfaction that the task was done and accomplished and checked off the list!

It's always a bonus that we get to celebrate Birthdays, Anniversaries, or Special Events... those are GREAT, but daily celebrating is "Where it's at!"

No need to break out the streamers and decorate, not even a toast (unless you want to) Daily "Great Job!" "I Did it! Telling yourself " You're Amazing!... Look at You! " bring inspiration, motivation to keep going and we all need that.... some days more than others.

You could choose to reward yourself with something special, like a special coffee, or a little chocolate, or flowers, this is VERY MOTIVATING! It's reinforcing the positive and you will be inspired to keep working on your task that much better!

All Right, let's not overdo it, let's be real... You know yourself, don't kid yourself. Do the things that make YOU PROUD! That really make you want to Celebrate Yourself!

We all have wonderful things happening to us every single day... TONS of good that we can focus on, that's the KEY word... FOCUS on.

Keep working towards the better You, the YOU that surprises you, the YOU that impresses you, the YOU that blows you away!

You're doing a FABULOUS job! and today I wanted to really remind you on that! I am proud of you! We all want to hear, we are on the right path. And if you feel you are not?, no worries, Just make a decision, right now, to change that! To get on the right path, the one you WANT to be on!

YOU CAN DO THIS! At the end of the day, You did it, you got through the day, and although you may be tired, you did it!

Keep your list simple, basic, just the fact you're breathing is a reason to be proud...

Ok, Now let's go find a few things we have done or are doing right now, that we feel dam proud of !

Love you all!

Belynda Farias

"Be Proud of yourself! You made it through the day! It's a great reason to celebrate."


Delicious Fresh Strawberry Vanilla milk


1 cup of fresh Strawberries

1 strawberry for topping

1/4 tsp vanilla extract

3/4 c of condensed milk

1 c of Almond Milk

1/2 c of ice


Dice strawberries and place in bowl

Mash slightly to get juices moving

Add condensed milk. Let sit a few minutes to sweeten.

To Serve:

Pour into glass

Add Ice

Pour Almond Milk over ice

add vanilla extract

Top with Fresh Strawberry

Optional: add mint leaf garnish

To Drink:

Slightly stir with spoon

Add large straw to allow strawberries


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