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You're gonna love these Perfect Pillow Covers! #InstantLove

A while ago I stumbled onto decorative Pillow Covers from Amazon and lately I am hooked!

I love how one can instantly add to your home decor with a single pillow! and here you get 4 pillow covers for the price of one!

I recently shared my excitement on a set of pillows I purchased for Halloween and I really added more Halloween flair to my living room. See below. I shopped the perfect deal and got these for $3.99 for the set of 4! WHAT?? I know.... it's crazy!

Now that we're in between holidays, and not yet decorating for Christmas.... I needed a quick solution, so went to my Amazon app and got to work swiping. (Ha, Ha!)

I found these beauties and ordered them. They arrived in 2 days and look! They're super! And again, I got these for about $7.99 for the 4 pillows! A STEAL right?

I love how they offer a neutral design, a neutral setting for my couches while we're in between holidays!

Guess what? I also ordered my Christmas pillow covers too, because I'll be using these in the next couple of weeks. Can you believe I purchased this set for just $6.00????? For 4 pillow covers! This is crazy to me.

I sew and I know the cost of materials and labor and really, you cannot make this type of pillow cover for the price they are selling it for! In fact, I use to sell personalized pillows years ago, and I charged $25 per pillow! So you can see the value here right?

Well, I'm getting ready for Christmas, and today we're bringing the boxes down... and I have a lot to look through, but BOY I am excited! It's here! Christmas is here!

Remember starting Monday, I'll be starting my video series of 30 days of easy Christmas DIY's!

I am really excited to be sharing this project Friends! This is going to be fun!

I better get to work.... there is so much to day! Have a Fabulous Saturday! and I'll see you tomorrow!


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